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At The Salcombe Kitchen, our guiding ethos is to elevate your experience by handling all the culinary details, ensuring you can truly relax and savor every moment.

Our team arrives at your residence or holiday home a few hours before the service, equipped with all the necessary ingredients and tools to craft a delectable meal right in your kitchen. From meticulously setting the table to seamlessly serving your guests, and even taking care of post-meal cleanup to leave your kitchen spotless – we've got it all covered.

With The Salcombe Kitchen taking care of every aspect, you can effortlessly enjoy the delightful food and relish the company of your friends and family. Let us create a memorable dining experience while you unwind and make the most of your time together.

At The Salcombe Kitchen, our team is dedicated to fostering connections through the joy of shared meals. Whether you're seeking a relaxed and flavorful dining experience amidst the lively company of family and friends or a more refined affair with impeccably plated dishes and flawless service, we tailor our offerings to suit your preferences.

Our culinary journey is shaped by a collective passion for food and a commitment to culinary exploration. Influenced by diverse travels, careers in the luxury hospitality industry, and the evolving landscape of food culture and nutrition, our team embraces experimentation with various flavours, cuisines, and dietary preferences, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and plant-based options. Throughout our journey, we've consistently emphasised the use of well-sourced ingredients and innovative flavors to craft delicious dishes that celebrate the essence of food, meant to be shared and enjoyed together.

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Green and White Tea and Cakes Logo.png

With extensive experience in the luxury events and hospitality industry, our team possesses a keen eye for detail, creative flair, and the expertise to curate the ideal ambience for your occasion. Whether it's an intimate dinner, drinks and canapés affair, or a relaxed alfresco lunch, no request is too grand for us to handle with finesse.

Ready to enhance your dining experience, we're available for both lunch and dinner. Whether it's a celebratory dinner, a BBQ gathering, or a memorable beach or boat picnic, we've got you covered. Reach out to us to begin planning your culinary adventure. For inspiration, explore our sample menus. 

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