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7 Reasons Why Salcombe is the Ultimate Summer Holiday Home Destination for Families

Located in the heart of South Devon, Salcombe is a gem that radiates quintessential British charm. With its stunning beaches, a plethora of family-friendly activities, and a delightful ambiance reminiscent of the Mediterranean, Salcombe makes for a super easy holiday with the kids. Here are severn compelling reasons why this coastal haven should be at the top of your UK family holiday destination list.

1. The Most Beautiful Beaches in the UK

Salcombe boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in the UK, where golden sands meet the azure waters of the English Channel. From North Sands to South Sands, these beaches are perfect for building sandcastles, playing beach cricket, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll along the shoreline. For an extra touch of adventure, take the ferry over to the tranquil beaches at East Portlemouth. This short, scenic boat trip offers breathtaking views of the estuary and delivers you to even more pristine shores. The serene setting, with its dramatic cliffs and lush greenery, provides an idyllic backdrop that rivals the allure of the Mediterranean. Whether basking in the sun or dipping your toes in the cool waters, the beaches of Salcombe and East Portlemouth offer a truly enchanting escape.

2. Favourable Microclimate

Situated at the most southerly point in Devon, Salcombe benefits from a favourable microclimate that ensures mild temperatures and more sunshine than much of the UK. This unique climate makes it an ideal destination for a summer holiday, as families can enjoy warm, sunny days at the beach or exploring the town's charming streets. The gentle breeze from the sea keeps the heat comfortable, creating perfect conditions for outdoor activities and leisurely relaxation by the water. This predictable and pleasant weather means you can plan your days with ease, without worrying about sudden changes in the weather.

3. An Abundance of Fun Activities

Salcombe is a veritable playground for family-friendly activities. Crabbing along the quay is a beloved pastime, offering simple, hands-on fun for children. For those seeking a bit more adventure, paddleboarding and sailing courses are available, catering to both novices and seasoned sailors. The annual Regatta Week is a highlight of the summer, packed with games, races, and activities designed to entertain both children and adults. From treasure hunts and fancy dress parades to sailing competitions and fireworks displays, Regatta Week is a festive celebration that captures the heart and soul of Salcombe. These activities are all conveniently located, making it easy to fill your days with fun without the hassle of long journeys or complex planning.

4. Delightful Family-Friendly Eateries

When it comes to dining, Salcombe offers an array of family-friendly eateries that cater to all tastes. The Victoria Inn, with its warm, welcoming atmosphere and excellent children's menu, is a perennial favorite. The Ferry Inn's beer garden offers some of the best views in Salcombe, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink while the children play in their secure beer garden and watch the boats bob by. The Winking Prawn, located right on the beach, is perfect for a relaxed seaside meal, offering delicious seafood and BBQ options. Rockfish is another superb choice, renowned for its fresh fish and chips that will delight the entire family. For a sweet treat, a visit to Cranch's Sweet Shop is a must. This charming old-fashioned sweet shop, with its jars of traditional sweets and fudge, is sure to enchant both young and old. These eateries are all centrally located, meaning you won't have to travel far to find delicious food that everyone will enjoy.

5. No Car Needed

One of the most appealing aspects of Salcombe is that once you arrive, there's no need for a car. Everything you could possibly need is within walking distance, from beautiful beaches and local eateries to grocery stores and charming boutiques. This convenience means you can leave the car behind, enjoy leisurely strolls through the town, and truly unwind. The pedestrian-friendly layout of Salcombe makes it easy to explore, ensuring that all your holiday essentials are just a stone's throw away. Whether you need beach gear, a quick snack, or a spot of retail therapy, it’s all effortlessly accessible.

6. Calm, Safe Waters for Children

The gentle waters around Salcombe are ideal for families with young children. The calm tides and shallow areas make swimming and paddling safe and enjoyable for youngsters, while parents can relax, assured that their little ones are playing in a secure environment. This tranquillity is perfect for families wanting to enjoy the sea without the worry of strong currents or rough waves. The sheltered coves and bays provide perfect spots for a peaceful swim or a leisurely paddle, enhancing the overall charm of this delightful seaside town.

7. Top Picks for Family-Friendly Accommodation

Finding the perfect place to stay is crucial for a stress-free holiday, and at Taylor Made Salcombe we offer a variety of family-friendly accommodations:

  • Sea Chest: This charming property is just 20 metres from the water and super centrally located. Perfect for families seeking complete convenience, it boasts a prime location right next to the Lifeboat Station with all amenities at your doorstep, including the best crabbing spot for the kids.

  • The Brewery: A beautiful townhouse set on the heart of Salcombe's main high street but set back from the hustle and bustle, it has a gorgeous and large oasis of a garden with estuary views perfect for those families who enjoy alfresco living -think mild evenings and family BBQs. There is also conevenient access for paddleboard storage perfect for the adventurers of the family and a summer house for a bit of extra space for anyone who desires it!

  • Flying Swans: For those seeking complete peace and tranquility for their family, Flying Swans is set in the idyllic Batson Creek, slightly further out from Salcombe, about a 15 minute walk, it benefits from both beautiful waterside and countryside views. Yet still has the convenience of walking distance from everything Salcombe has to offer. For those who relish interiors Flying Swans is a dream place to stay with attention to detail that defines every corner of this holiday home.

  • The Cottage: A quaint, picturesque option that captures the essence of a Salcombe bolthole, situated in the Artisan quarter of Salcombe, it is a stones throw away from everything you need yet has a calm and tucked away feel to it. Immaculate inside with a nod to it's coastal location and a private terrace that is a real sun trap all day and into the evening. Ideal for smaller families or families wirth older children, it has everything you need for a wonderful family holiday in Salcombe.

These accommodations are all conveniently located, allowing you to easily explore Salcombe and its surroundings without the need of a car or any difficult logistics.

Salcombe truly has it all for a super easy holiday with the kids. From breathtaking beaches and a favourable microclimate to exciting activities, delightful dining options, calm waters, and the convenience of having everything within walking distance, it’s the perfect destination to create lasting memories with your loved ones. So pack your bags and head to Salcombe for a holiday that embodies the best of classic British seaside charm!
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