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A Wholesome Family Holiday in Salcombe & Thurlestone: February Half Term Edition

As the winter chill begins to thaw and the promise of spring lingers in the air, there's no better time to embark on a wholesome family adventure to the picturesque coastal towns of Salcombe and Thurlestone. Nestled along the stunning South Devon coastline, these idyllic destinations offer a perfect retreat for families seeking quality time together amidst breathtaking natural beauty and a wealth of child-friendly activities. Join me as we explore the magic of February half term in this charming corner of England.

Child-Friendly Activities in Salcombe & Thurlestone:

  1. Crabbing in Salcombe: Kickstart your holiday with a classic coastal activity that's sure to delight kids of all ages. Head to Salcombe's bustling quayside armed with buckets, lines, and bacon bait, and watch as your little ones eagerly reel in their crab catches.

  2. Beachcombing: Spend leisurely afternoons wandering along the sandy shores where hidden treasures await discovery, our favourites being South Milton Sands, the beaches of East Portlemouth & South Sands, where hidden treasures await discovery. From colorful seashells to intriguing driftwood, beachcombing is a fantastic way to engage young explorers in the wonders of the natural world.

  3. Mackerel Fishing Trip: Set "sail" on an unforgettable fishing excursion aboard a traditional fishing boat. With experienced skippers guiding the way, your family can try their hand at catching mackerel while soaking in panoramic views of the coastline.

  4. Seaside Strolls: Lace up your walking shoes and embark on scenic coastal walks along the South West Coast Path. From rugged cliffs to secluded coves, these picturesque routes offer endless opportunities for family bonding and wildlife spotting.

  5. National Trust Overbecks: Step back in time at Overbecks, a charming National Trust property nestled amidst lush subtropical gardens. Kids will love exploring the eccentric collections, playing in the children's garden, and spotting exotic plants in the greenhouse.

  6. Estuary Boat Trip: Embark on a leisurely boat trip along the serene waters of the Salcombe Estuary. Marvel at the scenic beauty of this protected marine environment while keeping an eye out for local wildlife and seabirds.

Further Afield Adventures:

  1. Woodland Family Theme Park: Venture further inland to discover the enchanting wonders of Woodland Family Theme Park. With thrilling rides, interactive exhibits, and nature trails to explore, it's the perfect destination for a day of outdoor fun.

  2. Pennywell Farm: Delight in a day of farmyard fun at Pennywell Farm, where children can pet adorable animals, enjoy tractor rides, and participate in hands-on activities. From cuddly lambs to mischievous piglets, it's a memorable experience for the whole family.

Best Places to Eat with Children and Why:

  1. The Kings Arms, Salcombe: This family-friendly pub offers a warm welcome and a menu packed with delicious pub classics. With a selection of tasty kids' meals, it's the perfect spot for a relaxed family meal.

  2. The Winking Prawn, Salcombe: Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of The Winking Prawn, where kids can unleash their creativity with a fun fancy dress box while parents savor fresh seafood delights. With a beachfront location, it's an ideal choice for a laid-back lunch by the sea.

  3. The Village, Thurlestone: Experience the cozy charm of The Village Inn, a traditional pub nestled in the heart of Thurlestone. Offering hearty meals made from locally sourced ingredients, it's a welcoming haven for families seeking comfort food and a warm ambiance.

  4. The Beachhouse, Salcombe: Indulge in beachside dining at The Beachhouse, where panoramic views of the coastline provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable family meal. With a dedicated children's menu and direct access to the beach, it's a favorite among families seeking seaside bliss.

We understand the importance of creating lasting memories with loved ones, and Salcombe and Thurlestone offer the perfect setting for a wholesome family holiday. From coastal adventures to woodland explorations, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this enchanting corner of Devon. So pack your bags, gather your little adventurers, and prepare for a February half term getaway filled with laughter, discovery, and cherished moments together.

Contact us to book your family holiday home in Salcombe & Thurlestone for February Half Term.
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